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Updates will be posted here as they eventuate noting that we are at the mercy of court timelines. We are physically unable to address individual matters or respond to individual requests for updates.  The most recent update is listed below. 

January 2024:             Supreme Court will not accept our Group Action unless  Group Members are  represented by a licensed practitioner.  We are investigating the available options to overcome this obstacle . 


October 2023:            Court has requested  "the statement of claim be drawn so the Plaintiffs personal claim can be used as the vehicle for determining common questions in the proceeding ... the proceeding will resolve all common questions of group members"   


Therefore, particulars of lead applicant's matter will comprise the basis of the application. 

Court also questioned group members being represented by a licensed practitioner.  Our enquiries with licensed practitioners resulted in being quoted exorbitant fees which is not in keeping with P.A.C ethos, or requirements. 

We received unsolicited offers of assistance from licensed practitioners who expressed a willingness to assist in support of our position and group members, suggesting a modest fee, but none have officially joined on whilst others increased their 'modest fee' offer. 

Accordingly, the application is being amended to comply with the latest court requirements and a request for leave of the court for group members to be 'unrepresented' will also be made.


September 2023:     Writ and statement of claim lodged with Supreme Court.

                                      Awaiting acceptance from court and file number. 


June 2023:        Supreme Court has raised issues on proceeding with our application for           

                                  declaratory relief under form 5D and has requested further submissions and           

                                  pleadings.  These will be resubmitted under a new writ and filed in the coming



June 2023:         Sharlene's Group Member indemnity click here   

April 2023:       Court has raised issues with jurisdiction, which has caused delay in processing our

                                   matter.  If the issues cannot be resolved, we intend to re-file in a different


2 Feb 2023:     Step 1:  Originating Motion filed.  Awaiting Case Number

1 Feb 2023:   Step 1:   File Originating Motion (Victoria)


Filing an Originating Motion in court is via the court's electronic lodgement                                               system, RedCrest.  Unfortunately, we experienced a technical issue with

RedCrest that was unable to be resolved by the end of the day.   A report was

lodged and we are  awaiting technical support to resolve the issue.     Email below from court regarding report of issue.   


30 JAN 23: 

We have been overwhelmed with requests from those wanting to join the court action with hundreds of forms still to be processed. 

Please note that ALL applications are logged in the date order they were received. 

We understand this may be frustrating and we appreciate your patience. 

We have one volunteer logging the applications and sending confirmation receipts.

This is why we ask that you submit your application and donation receipt on the one email with your name in the subject line and your name on the bank transfer reference so we can quickly log your details

Jan 2023:   Applications received between 5 Dec 2022 - 10 December 2022 have been processed. 

If your application was submitted during this period and was completed in full and legible, an email confirming receipt was sent to you.  Your supporting documentation will be requested at a later date.  Please do not send until requested to do so. 


If you submitted your application during this period and have not receive an email it is likely your application was incomplete, illegible, or an issue was identified, and it has been set aside whilst we process other completed applications.   Your application will be addressed separately after all other applications are processed.  Please do not resend your application unless requested to do so.  

*** Applications submitted after 10 December 2022 are still being processed  ***




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