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Join the Group Action

Did you and/or your business suffer a financial loss due to the COVID19  response? 

If so, you may wish to join the group action commencing February 2023. 

Separate action for each State. 

Click HERE to download the application form.


STEP 1:    Complete your details in full

Briefly and factually state how you / your business suffered a loss due to the COVID response. 

For examples click here

STEP 2:  Quantify your loss and insert it on the form. See examples here

You do not need to attach your supporting documentation (such as contracts, bank statements, group certificates, etc. these will be requested at a later date. 

STEP 3:  Print, sign and date the form 

STEP 4 Email your application form and receipt  to:   


                    Email subject:  Group Action A  <your full name> 

Click Here for Group Member Indemnity

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